Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2011


Form-Finding with Galapagos and Graphic Statics

The generic shape stands statically upright and counterbalanced after a three-step form-finding process:
1) Relax cable network 2) Check moments & forces 3) Change properties & iterate (GA)

The FE verified minimal deflections and bending moments by prestressing, maintainig most of the original design.

Relaxation of the cable-net was done with Jon Mirtschin's GeometryGym plugins, thanks for the support.

Prestressing of the cable-net cause the spoke-wheels to move out of position. Graphic statics yield the moments and forces acting on a ring. Their minimization is the fitness criterion for Galapagos Evolutionary Solver. Properties for the optimization are the anchor points' positions along the rings and the rings' excentricity, which all are non-linear dependent on each other so an iterative approximate solution is needed.

Steps are made of layered glass plates, which are prestressed in the central axis.