Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2011


Form-Finding with Galapagos and Graphic Statics

The generic shape stands statically upright and counterbalanced after a three-step form-finding process:
1) Relax cable network 2) Check moments & forces 3) Change properties & iterate (GA)

The FE verified minimal deflections and bending moments by prestressing, maintainig most of the original design.

Relaxation of the cable-net was done with Jon Mirtschin's GeometryGym plugins, thanks for the support.

Prestressing of the cable-net cause the spoke-wheels to move out of position. Graphic statics yield the moments and forces acting on a ring. Their minimization is the fitness criterion for Galapagos Evolutionary Solver. Properties for the optimization are the anchor points' positions along the rings and the rings' excentricity, which all are non-linear dependent on each other so an iterative approximate solution is needed.

Steps are made of layered glass plates, which are prestressed in the central axis.

Sonntag, 31. Oktober 2010


5-days workshop on shell structures at Les Grand Ateliers in Lyon, Fr

I used the Grasshopper definition for PQ-mesh-design of Lorenz Lachauer for designing an anti- & synclastic structure.  In the remaining three days it was built up from tiles of expanded polystyrene with the edges cut in their respective angles and held together by simple adesive tape. In the end it featured a nice buckling failure caused by imposed support displacement.

Timelapse-Video of construction